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High Throughput PK

A test substance/compound that is going to be used to treat a disease needs to be biologically active, absorbed, distributed, metabolized and excreted.  In-vivo dose formulations that will be administered to a test system require testing.  Attentive Science can execute the pharmacokinetic assessment of your compound/test substance to allow you to get a quick read on if you have a “druggable” product.  Summary protocols which are tied to facility colony protocols and dedicated study rooms allow for quick study starts and ensure timely data delivery in order to shorten your go/no-go decision timelines and save you money.

The high throughput pharmacokinetic services allow you to stay on course.  Attentive Science will take your compound/test substance and formulate it in several vehicles (based on the type of molecule and utilizing our collective experience), and will administer it directly into a test system, collect blood samples in a timely fashion to determine if the test substance is present or not, as well as provide pharmacokinetic data endpoints.

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