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Attentive Science offers a wide array of toxicology services to its clients that are crucial for assessing the safety of drugs, chemicals or other substances.  These studies include acute and subchronic studies where we provide a wealth of value to our clients. 

Acute studies are conducted to evaluate the short-term effects of up to 24 hours of exposure to a test material on a test system with the primary goal of elucidating the immediate adverse effects that a test material can produce when administered at a high dose over a short duration.

Subchronic studies are conducted to examine the effects of exposure to test material for a portion of the lifespan of the test system. The main objective of subchronic studies is to investigate the consequences of repeated or continuous exposure to a test material over an intermediate period.

Navigating the intricate details contained in each of these categories can be tedious. For that reason, our clients elect to outsource these studies to us. Due to the variance commonly associated with these projects, however, we frequently encounter clients approaching toxicology testing with some fears. Many fear that the lab they select may not have the specialty or technical capability to meet their needs. Many also have fears about the validity of their formulation and/or they may have run into some static limitations that have them in limbo. 

The point is that you may have some questions and potentially some doubts or concerns about how to navigate the toxicology piece of your IND process. 

Being a widely inclusive laboratory, Attentive Science is able to confidently reassure our clients that we are more than equipped to gather the data and document the results they need. We can assist you in precisely and easily determining which study design will be most beneficial to you, as well as in adapting to ongoing project adjustments or modifications and results. 

Acute and subchronic toxicology studies are part of IND-enabling studies that make your steps to clinical trials feasible.  Data from these studies conducted in an attentive way is then used to select dose levels for the clinic to use for the First-in-Human (FIH) studies safely.

Our goal here at Attentive Science is to help you identify safety margins, make sure you're within them, and help move you onward into the clinical trials you’ve been working toward. 

As with all of our services, when it comes to toxicology studies, Attentive Science prioritizes being an additional extension of your team. Being extremely collaborative in nature is something that has led to more effectiveness in what we do, and it also helps that it is something we take deep and sincere joy in doing. It is crucial for us to meet clients at their current level and provide personalized assistance that is specifically applicable to their needs. 

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