Advantages of a Boutique CRO
Why the name Attentive Science for a Nonclinical CRO?
There are three basic parameters that may influence your decision to work with a Nonclinical CRO, whether that be a single PK study or placing an IND-program. Price, timing, and most importantly, quality are the factors. At Attentive, we have always felt that we would be competitive in all three major categories and went a step further to choose a meaningful and recognizable name to be inclusive of all other aspects of the Non-clinical CRO business. Now, based on industry experts’ feedback, the true definition of Attentive as a Nonclinical CRO is being confirmed. This is the boutique CRO advantage.

In a boutique CRO, clients work closely with all levels of the company, including senior management as opposed to them being assigned to a business development unit. We pride ourselves that our entire team is easily accessible and pay particular attention to your needs.   Attentive Science is a place for you to have the best experience in the industry simply because we were in your shoes at one point in time and know how much attention you deserve. Efficiency is increased because boutique CROs such as Attentive focus on building a relationship and managing resources better.

For over a decade, we have been located in Stilwell under one name or the other and have provided exceptional service to our industry, but we don’t want you to just take our word for it.  In fact, when we were visited by a global accreditation organization, the inspectors had multiple commendations including 1) harmonious workforce that contributed to organizational success, 2) focused attention to the social needs of multiple and diverse test systems, 3) effective communication networks, facilitated by frequent in-person interactions and accurate record keeping.  It was very obvious to them that the Attentive Scientists had been chosen with care and careful consideration and that each associate demonstrated an unexpectedly high degree of knowledge of their domain.

A recent publication by an independent consultant Steve Synder who has over 17 years of nonclinical monitoring experience encourages you to “Peel back slick marketing campaigns to really understand CRO capabilities. Remember every CRO site has a story but it is equally important to learn the identity and expertise of the key scientific staff and the management teams”. We at Attentive strongly believe you the client should be looking for strong partners that will treat you and your program with the respect and attention you deserve, while placing price, timelines and quality at the forefront of the partnership. Let’s plan ahead together and provide you with your custom fitted support.

If you want someone to give you the attention you deserve, reach out to us or call and ask us to provide you references of folks who are already enjoying an Attentive service.

Companion Animal Safety Assessments
At Attentive, we treat your Animal Health therapeutic like the Pet Project it is.