Attentive will be offering insightful presentations at SOT 2023.
You won't want to miss these!
The SOT 62nd Annual Meeting in Nashville is quickly approaching, and Attentive Science will be offering insights at our booth that you won’t want to miss! We are looking forward to seeing all of you there.

SOT is one of the most important scientific conferences in our industry, where innovators come together to discuss important topics and advancements in our field. Attentive Science is a leading provider of nonclinical contract research services and its team has been a fixture at the SOT annual meetings for over a decade. This year's meeting is no exception, and there are several reasons why attendees should make a point to visit our booth.

Attentive Science’s team is comprised of established industry veterans that have a wealth of expertise to share with you!

James Randazzo, PhD, DABT, Director of Toxicology at Attentive Science, has been attending SOT since 2013 and appreciates the opportunity to interact with current and prospective clients, reconnect with old colleagues, and review industry trends. He notes that consolidation within the industry has led to fewer booths at conferences like SOT, making it even more important for companies like Attentive Science to stand out with its quality of people and services. With the conference this year being fully back in person after either virtual or hybrid attendance, James is looking forward to seeing everyone again face-to-face and (re)connecting.

Attentive Science will be presenting several presentations at their booth ​​that are sure to be informative and engaging…


1.) The first of these presentations is about a director's perspective on large CROs vs small CROs. James will highlight the differences between the two that led him to choose to move to Attentive Science. He will emphasize the advantages of a smaller, more personal company like Attentive Science, where direct communication is a priority. 

2.) The second presentation will focus on how to avoid common pitfalls in toxicology studies based on the experience and background of Attentive Science's scientists. With James' unique background, he will share his experience and insights on common mistakes made during tox studies and how to avoid them. Attendees can expect to gain valuable insights into how Attentive Science is providing solutions to these problems to meet their clients' needs such as on-site dose formulation and histology.

3.) The third presentation will address the availability of test systems in the ever-changing industry, which has been impacted by the lasting effects of Covid. This presentation will highlight how Attentive Science has positioned itself to work with alternative test systems if necessary. Attentive Science can help companies move forward with their timelines despite the challenges of getting hold of traditional test systems. 


The forthcoming presentations will showcase how Attentive Science has strategically positioned itself to collaborate with alternative testing systems in case of a need. Attentive Science can aid you in advancing your schedules, despite the obstacles in obtaining conventional test systems.

So, if you haven't worked with us recently, we invite you to take a closer look at what Attentive Science can do for you. Don't miss the chance to learn more about our services and expertise in the field. With exciting presentations planned for SOT, Attentive Science is sure to make a big impression at the conference.

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