Cut your study start lead time... by half
The steps taken by Attentive could give you the opportunity to begin your projects much sooner than anywhere else in the industry.
Anyone who has joined Attentive for one of our lab tours (or virtual tours) within the last year or so knows that Attentive Science has been preparing itself for growth into the expansive and - until now – “unused” space within our own facility. We’ve not hidden the fact that it has been our intention from the get-go to increase our capacity by taking advantage of this space over time. To that end, we've been systematically building out rooms and labs, repurposing some space, and fully converting other spaces - which allowed us now to increase our vivarium capacity by 50%. This has been an ongoing process and, by the end of this year, Attentive will have increased its capacity by 100% - and we are happy to say there is even more to come. We have big plans for the future – suffice it to say that every 6 to 9 months, you can expect news from Attentive for a while. We will continue to stay ahead of the curve and pay attention to the industry in order to offer start times that our competitors just can’t match.

Currently within our industry, we’ve heard from our clients that other laboratories are scheduling study start dates and lead times up to 6-9 months …or even more in some cases. With the completed expansion of our facilities and the resulting increase of our capacity, Attentive can easily cut those same lead times being issued by our competitors in half.

This is very good news for the industry and soon-to-be clients of Attentive, because if the supply delays and other factors that have led to these industry-wide capacity issues continue, it may very well be another year and a half or even two full years before industry lead times begin to stabilize again.

Virtually everyone coming to us right now is experiencing a similar trend. One consultant came to us representing a client who had been asking around among some of our competitors to see when they might be able to initiate one of their projects. They were coming to the end of the IND supporting work and were hoping to initiate their subchronic studies in January or February of 2022. The earliest our competitors would commit to any of their projects was next August; many replied with possible start dates even later than that. Needless to say, the consultant and his client – who we are pleased to say is now a client of ours - was excited to learn Attentive, with the expansion of the facility, would be able to begin their subchronic studies as early as March.

One of the services we’ve found clients are most excited to learn they can start so much sooner has been pre-IND preliminary studies. Many of our competitors have required their customers to commit to conducting IND work with them in order to be guaranteed reasonable start time on their pre-IND studies. We have found that many consider that level of aggression disagreeable. At Attentive we appreciate every study/project a client brings to us, and we will never presume to tell anyone when, where or why they are expected to place any work with us in order to be considered for reasonable timelines.  Attentive simply pays attention to you and your needs!

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