Dose Formulation Services from Attentive Science
Attentive has adopted the absolute state-of-the-art equipment and software for Dose Formulation Analysis.
We are excited to announce that Attentive is expanding its services to help our clients get the results they need even faster. Beginning this month, non-GLP related analytical Dose Formulation Analysis (DFA) Services will be provided in-house at our newly-refurbished additional building, with GLP capabilities ready by the end of October. This immediately allows Attentive to offer complementary, wide-ranging group of services with our unique vision toward our intentional nonclinical contract research support to our industry. Dose Formulation Analysis is an essential part of the nonclinical in-vivo studies Attentive provides for our clients. Robust analytical methods, rapid turnaround, and efficient in-house communication helps ensure the Dose Formulation results for client studies are delivered on time. By offering these services directly from Attentive, we can help clients meet their deadlines and get the data they need right away.

Since Attentive’s inception, we have been growing – but with a focus in mind on the services that are complementary to one another. Our clients have already become accustomed to receiving our other related services at a level of quality they can’t find elsewhere. Now we believe their experience is going to be even more fluid because of these additional services we have added.  Elena Lawson joined the Attentive team to run these new in-house analytical services and brings 25 years of experience to the team. These Dose Formulation Analysis services are a requirement for GLP studies, and it is best practices to have it in-house, so these are services Attentive is offering to enhance support to our industry.  Furthermore, in-house Dose Formulation Analysis allows Attentive to analyze samples within a very short time after formulation. The study directors and the formulation team will have the ability to offer a much faster turnaround time on the concentration of the administered doses. Our clients will know very quickly (in real time) whether the test subjects were dosed correctly and that the study remains accurate and on target.

Providing in-house method validation and dose formulation analysis services allows Attentive, and you the client, more control of your timelines. Reporting and direct communication with your study directors will result in faster reporting and fewer complications.

Attentive’s analytical lab is located in our newly refurbished building on the campus, nearby our other facility and now equipped with brand new, industry leading equipment. We are ready to initiate projects for our clients that have already been waiting for these services.

“In our case, we have Elena who has the expertise to help us offer these additional services to our clients, and we're building a team around her to continue offering those services to our clients. We can do it now, and we will do it in an Attentive way.”
~Alfred Botchway, PhD., DSP.

The Analytical Laboratory is proud to announce that it will be using the Agilent Infinity II 1260 High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) system for routine Dose Formulation analysis. The Agilent 1260 offers increased analysis speed with sensitivity, resolution, and precision for our clients. It has a multichannel column compartment, temperature regulated autosampler, and a variable-wavelength detector.  The Agilent 1260 system also has the latest in data analysis software as well as CFR Part 11 compliance for GLP and EPA regulated studies.

As a companion to the Agilent 1260 the laboratory also has the additional capability of testing with the Cary 60. This modern UV-vis is also CFR-Part 11 compliant giving choices to our clients on what method of Dose Formulation Analysis will work best for their regulated studies. The growing capabilities of the Dose Formulation group allows our lead scientists to be able to produce not just a fast turnaround, but a better product. If you would like to see first-hand how we have developed our new Dose Formulation lab space, let us know and we will schedule a time to show you around!

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