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Post the “Covid 19 lockdown state of affairs” of 2020 we have seen that many of the companies for whom we provide services are looking to return to “normal” situations with regards to drug development.  As safety assessments of new products is in high demand, a hurdle for the nonclinical CRO’s to clear will be providing the necessary capacity to conduct the studies.  Over the last several months, room capacity within the industry has become a hot commodity.  Being vested in your success and that of the industry at large, we herein offer a bit of guidance.

Attentive Science is a boutique provider of nonclinical services and we are already seeing the quest to find space has become a challenge for our clients.  The decreasing availability of different test systems has also made program progression a difficult situation for new drug development.  This is becoming a serious situation for the industry.  Attentive Science has doubled its capacity in the last two months and this is still not enough with the potential number of study requests that we have been receiving.  Therefore, we are advising our clients that fast decisions need to be made to ensure that rooms and capacity are booked in order to preserve your program delivery timelines.

Capacity management is a shared experience for both clients and service providers so it is important that mutual communications occur early to map out timelines knowing that booking the available space should be a priority as opposed to assuming that the availability will always be there.  Certain services such as quick turnaround PK studies with colony available test systems are not a problem.  The issue lies with planning your IND programs.

We at Attentive Science will always be open about availability and will work with you to make sure that we can work together to achieve healthier outcomes for patients as efficiently and effectively as possible.  Don’t wait in line when you don’t have to.

If you know any of your colleagues in the industry that are having a challenging time scheduling their projects, please share this posting with them.  We look forward to talking to you all soon.

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