High Throughput Non-Rodent In-Vivo PK
At Attentive Science, we've gotten pretty good at being both fast and accurate!
Your compounds that are destined for success and ultimately reaching your intended target population need to blossom. Eliminating compounds that have less desirable and/or poor In-Vivo Pharmacokinetic (PK) profiles as early as possible in the discovery phase is critical to help manage and develop future assets. The compounds that don’t meet the desired criteria need to be weeded out and save you money.

High throughput studies occur at the beginning of the discovery phase. A Sponsor may develop multiple potential drug candidates with the hope that one will eventually succeed and become the next blockbuster drug. During this discovery process, quick In-Vivo PK studies need to be conducted to determine if the test article can be dosed and result in systemic exposure. High throughput In-Vivo PK is typically done using a smaller number of test systems and fewer sample collection timepoints. The simplified design helps with the go or no-go decision making.

At Attentive Science, our many years of experience assisting clients with their high throughput In-Vivo PK needs have helped us perfect these processes. From the ability to quickly receive test articles to streamlining the study procedures and reporting processes, we are able to create a system that minimizes the effort involved while maximizing the value returned to you the Sponsor.

Attentive is a group of veterans and a boutique CRO without excessive overhead or layers which helps us adapt and customize your high throughput program to meet your specific needs. We look forward to helping simplify the first steps so you, the Sponsor, can move to the development steps as quickly as possible.

Dose Range Finding Studies From Attentive
DRF studies are used as an early detection warning system for your compound. Rest assured knowing Attentive is on your DRF team