Long Term Pharmacokinetic Studies
Attentive knows how to "tame" your rare Long Term PK Projects
Typically, drugs have a relatively short half-life. Every once in a while, a drug will be under development that has a significantly longer half-life than the norm. These “unicorn” compounds might be a small molecule, a biologic, or an extended-release formulation. During the early discovery phases of drug development, characterization of relatively longer half-life compounds might be incomplete due to the extended absorption or elimination phases of the drug that is being developed. It’s critical to fully characterize any long-term pharmacokinetic (PK) profiles to fully understand how the drug/compounds behave.

Your relatively longer half-life compound does not have to be shelved, but rather nurtured by veterans. Challenges can arise with how to obtain this PK profile. Trying to incorporate acquiring this PK profile into a standard longer duration toxicology study is less than ideal due to multiple compounding factors such as repeat doses or higher dose levels. A clean single dose at lower levels is needed to ensure an accurate profile.

Conducting a long-term PK study solves this issue. Attentive Science has the capabilities and experience to successfully conduct your long term PK studies in a multitude of test systems and is an ideal match to help corral the profiles of these compounds. As a boutique company, we have the ability and desire to be more connected to all studies as they progress.  Your Study Director, and the entire study team are in the lab every day to monitor your study, paying particular attention to its progress, providing regular communication to ease your mind and to ensure that your needs are met when developing a unicorn compound.

Attentive Science can initiate the pharmacokinetic assessment of your unicorn compound with confidence within 14 days of contract signing, allowing you to stay on course.  Contact us to explore your options.

Safety Pharmacology at Attentive Science
Just when you thought it was safe, here comes Safety Pharmacology!!