Meet our new Attending Veterinarian at the 72nd AALAS Meeting in Kansas City this week
Kansas City is hosting the 72nd American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS) National Meeting from October 17-21, 2021 and we couldn’t be more excited! The national meeting has always been an opportunity for us to interact with academic colleagues, research companies, government organizations, vendors and suppliers.  Attentive science personnel will be amongst the attendees and we look forward to networking and learning from our colleagues interested in the continued improvement of laboratory animal use and medicine.

As a national AALAS member, I have benefited from educational resources such as webinars discussing continuing education topics and new cutting-edge products or procedures.  Furthermore, as the Attending Veterinarian at Attentive and a research veterinarian working with AALAS certified personnel, I know I can rely on the elevated level of attention given to each test system and study.  From experience, I know that when someone has taken the time to complete these certifications, they are dedicated to continued personal and professional growth. This helps demonstrate a thorough knowledge of husbandry, care, and regulations; which leads to improved awareness and problem solving for enhanced welfare leading to healthier outcomes.

Attentive Science continues to pay attention to our industry, which includes new and improved technology, so being able to interact with our vendors and suppliers as well as future associates brings a huge advantage to our facility.  Beyond the national organization, joining the local branch of AALAS can be very worthwhile as well.  Being in the nonclinical research space, which depending on your geographical area can be a small niche community, it is critical to stay connected to your colleagues in the area to help expand and nurture the growing talent pool around you.  You never know when you might need to rely on fellow researchers to help advance your skillsets, or to help with a very unique and challenging project.

As we enter into the week of the AALAS National Meeting, it is a good reminder to continue learning and improving ourselves for the betterment of the test systems under our care.

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