Pet Food Testing Services from Attentive Science

Pet food testing has evolved rapidly.  New information regularly supports changes in the process of establishing what we should be feeding our pets - and why.  Advancements in science and the changes in the way we care for our pets over time have created a high standard for the products companies elect to offer.  Attentive Science has worked diligently to make sure manufacturers not only meet expectations but exceed them.

One very important element in pet food testing is palatability. If your pet won’t consume the product… it doesn’t matter how healthy the product is. 

Clients seek assurance that the pet food they provide is both appealing and beneficial for pets. To address this, Attentive Science provides services including palatability assessment to evaluate the taste and overall acceptability of feed additives or pet drugs to ensure that pets will consume the product. Our study methodologies are simple yet impactful, involving the presentation of pets with different food formulations as instructed. We then determine the composition that captivates, engages, and satisfies our pet’s needs.

Food items are adorned with assertions such as supporting obesity reduction, overall health maintenance, and other benefits. Numerous and bold assertions regarding the impacts of products are frequently propagated in the industry, often lacking comprehensive validation through rigorous testing.

Attentive Science can provide the scientific studies including safety, palatability (flavors/textures), pharmacokinetic and bioequivalence studies necessary to verify the credentials proclaimed by a pet food product. The main concern of many researchers and companies that come to us with food testing needs tends to be the need for solid data. Here at Attentive Science, we support the Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM) studies, which includes extensively regulated guidelines for how data is discovered, verified, and documented.  When working with us, you can hold confidence in the fact that we are backed by strict procedures and documentation protocols for the most reliable dataset. 

Located in the heart of the Animal Health Corridor, we have access to highly respected professionals in this niche of the industry, and can gather information beyond the testing details to aid you in your process in a way that benefits your goals. Smaller companies require testing to formulate new compounds and variations for an optimal pet food product that can hold relevance in the market, and larger companies require testing to verify that the product they're currently producing meets their marketing claims.  We are perfectly suited to support companies of all sizes as a result of our nimbleness

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