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At Attentive Science, we have watched the field of pharmacokinetics (PK) evolve along with technological advancements, so we have seen a number of approaches to pharmacokinetics and formulation screenings.  Selecting the most suitable formulation of your drug to optimize its pharmacokinetic properties is the mission.  Ensuring the highest quality in a fast paced world requires experience by both the client and the laboratory.  Frequently, biopharma companies understandably opt for a more conservative testing strategy, focusing on a small selection of endpoints instead of conducting studies involving a wide range of options.  Here at Attentive Science we have been able to identify techniques that yield valuable results by pursuing a more encompassing service for our clients as well.

We believe that for your pharmacokinetics outcome, having a range of possibilities to examine is best.

Our goal in offering  services the way we do is to offer more options and accessibility to additional data for our customers to utilize in their process.  While turnaround times are an unquestionably important part of formulation screenings, some put the speed of their data delivery above the quality and sustainability of that data.  We believe there is a way to combine quality with speed - and even cost-effectiveness.

At Attentive Science, we can use a set of methods including taking one compound and pairing it with different excipients within the same formulation process to gather and identify much more information for the most optimal set of outcomes. Augmenting your bioavailability (the proportion of a drug that when administered and is available to produce its desired pharmacological effect) in pharmacokinetic formulation screening is crucial because it directly impacts the drug's efficacy and therapeutic outcomes.   If your intended clinical route is Intravenous (IV) then don’t worry about bioavailability as we will administer the test article as IV.  However for any other dose route, it befits you to start thinking of bioavailability early in your pharmacokinetic process.  Proper dose forms, solubility enhancements, food effects, and optimizing pH are a few of the basic range of possibilities that Attentive naturally recommend to you in collaboration and thereby increase quality for the most advantageous performance and result desired.

We are also positioned to provide competitive value to our clients due to the way we structure our processes, and identify ways to expand our value without expanding price points.

Consolidating multiple tests into the same formulation is a way to improve value.  At Attentive Science, it is important to us that you get what you need AND what is helpful, without the extra that may not serve your research program in terms of longevity.  We scrutinize available information to know exactly what you need in order to draw out as much value as we can for your specific budget.

Regardless of where you are in your pharmacokinetic/formulation process, Attentive Science can help you identify where to move next and what steps to take to determine where you should be headed.  We can work with you strategically if you have a shorter runway on your cashflow, or show you the best means for expansion and growth as you move forward.

We have a wide range of clients, and understand that each one is unique - with their own set of needs and desired outcomes.  Some clients seeking formulation screening have one test article to work with and have their full attention on that one particular project.  Others have multiple test articles and additional projects.  Some clients have a more restrictive budget available for pre-clinical research, while others have more access to R&D capital.

No matter where you are with your project, your needs are important to us.  We take pride in meeting clients where they are and helping them proceed in the way that is most optimal for them.

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