We're Growing and Supporting Your Mission
Strategic growth is exciting when coordinated.

Like you, we at Attentive Science are continuously evaluating our business and industry, and making necessary adjustments if needed.

We are thrilled to say “We are hiring". As a boutique CRO we continue to develop individually and together very well-rounded associates.  Finding employees remains challenging for most industries, but unlike most industries (that may be able to work from home) the Attentive scientist needs to be in the lab to perform functions such as administering test substances to multiple test systems. Being located in the Midwest and in the heart of the Animal Health Corridor, folks around here are accustomed to working hard, being loyal, and are team players and family orientated. There is so much talent out here for our industry that we are excited to be in growth mode right now.

For you, our current and future clients, we want you to know that we are well staffed and capable of meeting your Safety Pharmacology, Toxicology and Pharmacokinetics needs and will continue to provide you with efficient programs, the same high-quality research and data leading to healthier outcomes for your mission.

After asking our talent acquisition folks to initiate a search for our next empowered, accountable and professional associates, we have been pleasantly surprised with the level of interest and quality of numerous candidates that have expressed interest in coming to join the Attentive team during this phase of growth. Interestingly enough, folks who we worked with in the past that had gone off try other things, are re-joining us because they believe in the mission of healthier outcomes for you the client and your research focus.

On as associated note, if you have young family members, or friends who have younger folks who are interested in science, please tell them “The time is now” to stay in STEM.  Our industry depends on nurturing its future scientist.

We will be introducing you to someone who we believe is very suited to supporting your mission soon. Stay tuned.

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