Program Timelines at Attentive Science
Your project's timelines are our priority at Attentive
The quality and scientific expertise of veterans at Attentive Science remains unquestionable for Pharmacokinetics, Toxicology and Safety Pharmacology.  Another very important attribute required in our industry is of course Timelines!  When discussing “time” with clients, the reality is typically, “we needed it yesterday.”

You have your therapeutic indication, your compound is ready to be shipped, and your timelines are now very critical. This is a real problem that Attentive Science prioritizes to better meet the expectation of you, the client.

Program timelines are always ticking, and the quicker studies are initiated, the sooner a therapeutic will be approved and delivered to the patient population.  In the current industry environment, we are hearing stories ranging from disappointing to outright outrageous about programs being awarded based on promised timing at other CROs, only to have your contracted program delayed, placed at other sites/countries, or losing responsiveness from a study team to keep your programs on track.  In any case, unwanted movement of a study schedule is going to cost you the client money, stress and a delay in the submission of your program.

Attentive Science firmly believes in having transparent communication with our clients from the first contact all the way through report finalization.  When a client requests a study initiation at a desired timeframe, Attentive Science reviews the request and provides an answer quickly.  Attentive Science’s company management system (ART) provides us with an immediate overview of schedule and resources, thus allowing us to give accurate information to the client.  It is more important to Attentive Science to tell a client we are unable to meet a request than to mis-lead them to win an award.

Attentive Science’s study rooms are multi-purposed and can be re-configured to give greater flexibility to meet the study/timing requests from clients.  Additionally, Attentive’s Collaborative Approach with our clients allows for open and timely communication to ensure the timelines agreed upon are being achieved throughout your entire program.

Contact Attentive Science to learn more about our approach to timeline management and get firsthand experience working with an attentive partner on your safety assessment journey.

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