Subchronic Toxicology Studies from Attentive
Timelines, cost and reliability of data are important factors. At Attentive, we understand that.
Subchronic toxicology studies are regulatory driven studies necessary to properly assess the toxicity and toxicokinetic profile of your compound that will be used to establish equivalent doses on your clinical trials. The tests provide indicative results about the long-term effects of a compound in humans or animals. Subsequent to Dose Range Finding Studies, subchronic toxicology studies are the definitive step in evaluating a compound and establishing a no-observed-adverse-effect level (NOAEL). The results of subchronic toxicology studies will essentially determine whether a project can (or should) proceed to clinical trials. Timelines, cost and reliability of data are important factors for a Sponsor who is developing a therapeutic.

Even if your research program has not reached the stage which requires subchronic toxicity testing, having the foresight to plan your program is critical for future success.  One of the main influences that draws our clients to us is timelines. Timelines do not only apply to when the study can be initiated, but also when the audited and finalized reports will be completed and delivered to you. You, as the client, have your internal company timelines and Gantt charts which must be adhered to for your IND submission deadlines. If you are promised a 10-week post in-life report timeline and all of a sudden, the start date of your study is moved because of lack of site capacity, that will adversely impact your program timeline. A subsequent shifted timeline will not be acceptable to me and should not be for you.

Organizations have chosen the talent at Attentive Science because of their attention to detail, reliability, flexibility, adherence to timelines and the fact that our scientific veterans generate good, reliable data. For many of the organizations in need of subchronic toxicity studies, the test article is their “baby” so they need to know they can trust the individuals who will be handling it. During the proposal phase, you will have project discussions with the Management and Scientific teams at Attentive Science, which allows for all the necessary information to be gathered, and an immediate design of your study in accordance with regulatory guidelines and get the proposal to you within 48 hours (if not sooner). At Attentive we take an individualized approach to your studies and we become part of your team. We will do it at the price we promise, and furthermore we will deliver a quality product in a timely fashion.

Contact us today or schedule a virtual visit to find out how Attentive can get your project started today, get it done at a good value, and provide reliable data to you very quickly.

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