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At Attentive Science, we recognize and appreciate that every service we provide is a crucial component in our clients' project developmental journey. Our reputation is built on a meticulous and empathetic approach to client needs, ensuring our services effectively meet these needs on the first attempt. This commitment extends to our High Throughput In-Vivo Pharmacokinetic (PK) services.


When a biopharma company, regardless of its size, needs to assess the "druggability" and viability of their compound for further development, PK studies/analysis becomes essential. This analysis, which includes high throughput in-vivo screening, determines if the compound can be effectively absorbed by the test system.  Scientific researchers working with just a handful of compounds, or a large library’s worth, need to evaluate the PK profile of their test article. By sending us as much or as little as practical, we can administer the test article to the test system in a very rapid manner and get the results you need promptly.

In-vivo PK solutions are a decision-making juncture for our clients needing a clear 'yes/no' answer on whether the test article can be absorbed as intended. For instance, if an orally administered test article fails to be absorbed and merely passes through the GI tract, it won't reach other target organs, making it unsuitable for further oral development. Our PK testing services provide straightforward and swift answers including those for bioavailability, which is the rate and extent to which a test article enters the systemic circulation. For example, Intravenous administration produces a bioavailability of 100% since the test article is injected directly into the circulatory system.

Can the product in question get into the system as it is intended?

In-vivo PK studies are necessary to:

·       Save money and time by determining if the test article can be effectively absorbed into a test system

·       Screening small or large quantities of test articles in a quick manner.

·       Determine if a test article will reach its target organs.

Why Attentive Science for High Throughput in-vivo PK testing?

·       An integrated chip system allowing real time electronic data capture and transfer, reducing lead times and making the data collection and report delivery process more prompt to our clients.

·       Dedicated in-vivo PK veterans with 40+ years combined experience.

·       Expanded lab spaces to cater to the increased demand in projects / studies.

·       Inclusion of a large range of test systems available.

·       Improved housing including IVCs 

 Utilizing our internal resources and never limiting expansion, we have been able to hone in on all the specifics of high throughput pharmacokinetic studies here at Attentive Science, and make for a better client experience all the way around.

In closing…

Attentive Science can provide you with the solutions you need.  You can be rest assured that your study is being carried out with precision and accuracy for the most prompt and concise results possible.  We can have your in-vivo high throughput study up-and-running within as little as two weeks of your study request depending on your test system needs.  We look forward to helping you with all your PK needs.  

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