We heard you. We have DOUBLED capacity.
Attentive has expanded and doubled our capacity, and we are ready to serve the market with this newfound advantage.
At Attentive Science, we've been paying attention to our clients – as and we always do – and what we continue to hear from the industry is that what is needed most is faster lead times, as many have been struggling to get their project started on time. This led us to ask the question “How can we better serve you?” It became clear that if we were going to meet the needs of the industry, we needed to come up with a way to provide more capacity…

We have found a way of doing just that for you… in fact, we have expanded and doubled our capacity, and we are ready to serve the market with this newfound advantage.

As a service business, Attentive Science must always be finding ways to meet the needs of our clients. We have been fortunate enough to have access to facilities that can be transformed to meet our client's needs immediately. And in fact, our campus now has a lot of flexibility and potential in terms of real infrastructure that can be tapped into. This has enabled us to complete our most recent expansion. We have literally doubled our previous square footage, and with that we have added more than 11study rooms and 10 study support areas, as well as multiple offices allowing us to conduct many other support functions. One in particular, which we believe has become a major bottleneck within the industry is histology requirements.

We plan to help solve some of the industry bottlenecks with this expansion. We are planning to reactivate our histology capabilities/collaborations to help decrease the extended timelines that our current and future clients may be facing. We are also going to focus on expanding our services for safety pharmacology and increase the capacity of pharmacokinetic services currently offered.

This is exciting news for our existing clients, just as it is for others within the industry. This increase in our facilities will immediately assist in providing decreased timelines, and more flexibility with your study start dates and supporting your mission.

To continue filling our new facilities with the proper talent, we plan to continue hiring experienced veterans like Tom Haymaker, Dr Stefani Albrecht, and Greg Bricker. These veterans of the industry - coupled with our new state-of-the-art facilities - will help meet the needs of the industry in the way our clients have come to expect from Attentive Science! Contact us now to set up a tour of our new facilities!
A Return to In-Person Meeting is a Return to Normal... in a Way.
We were thrilled to see all of you earlier this month in San Diego and we plan to see you again throughout the year at other events!