Why Did Attentive Expand and What Does It Mean for You?
Let us tell you ourselves – in our own words.
As a client, you have a need for (and frankly, deserve) service providers who pay attention to their projects. Attentive Science really exists because over the years we found that the contract research industry has not historically given clients that full level of attention they need - hence why the company was named “Attentive” Science from the very beginning.

Other CROs may say they pay attention - here are a few examples of how Attentive really does pay attention to you.

Your needs include availability of test systems for your upcoming study/programs.  Attentive recently dipped into its reserves at a sub vendor to ensure a major program was not delayed by more than 2 weeks when other CROs ended up delaying their clients by 9-12 months.  Our scientist and client relationship folks are always paying attention to every detail of your needs before we call you and give you a proactive solution.  The recent example was a result of forward thinking and thorough understanding of the multiple facets required to be in place for a successful completion of an IND submission.  Our technicians are paying strict attention to every single technique and procedure that is executed on your behalf. Our study directors and management are paying attention to the small things (which, as it turns out, are important things to most clients. It is often those small things that make the biggest difference in your overall experience).

Paying attention is absolutely key in a service-oriented organization like Attentive Science.

In the process of paying attention to our clients, we recognized the need for more capacity and expertise to not just meet – but exceed – your existing deadlines and support the growth of future clients. Many have seen the focus we have given to increasing our staff and their expertise over the last year or so. More recently we also worked to repurpose our existing facilities to make sure that we were taking full advantage of the infrastructure, the people and the knowledge we had in place to support your project needs.

But at some point we knew the next step would be an expansion to those existing facilities. As we announced in our last blog, we have fulfilled our ongoing promise of offering more expertise, more capacity and more attention to your projects when, in Q2 of 2022, we doubled our capacity by expanding our physical space into a second building here on our campus!

We now have twice as many available rooms for your projects and a growing list of qualified staff and scientific experts to turn your projects around even quicker than before.


What you will now find is an additional purpose-built, state-of-the-art facility designed to support pharmacokinetics, toxicology, safety pharmacology, and other specialty studies.

With this expansion, we can offer even faster turnaround times than you can expect virtually anywhere else in the industry.


In order to assist you - throughout the building – as well as our existing facility – we have hired and trained the right people and put into place the right equipment.

Attentive Science is poised to offer even better and more attentive service than before… and that is saying a lot, as our growing list of clients would tell you! They've seen what we have been doing with our existing facilities (which will continue to operate at the same high-quality level of efficiency as ever), and now they have already told us they are really looking forward to further collaborations with the addition of the new expanded facilities!

Contact us and we will connect you with your colleagues who are already experiencing the Attentive service, so you can hear it directly from them.

We heard you. We have DOUBLED capacity.
Attentive has expanded and doubled our capacity, and we are ready to serve the market with this newfound advantage.